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The Contradicting Philosophy.

Realise that everything connects to everything else.

Good morning people. It's a beautiful morning. Do you ever wake and feel like you are going to win this day. Do you ever wake up like a Disney Princess? You know, happily talking to animals and singing like a Nightingale. Yeah, I never wake up like that. There are two kinds of people in this little world. The early birds, and the night owls. And then there are people like me who are some sort of permanently exhausted pigeons.

Anyways, this website is a sacred place and I am supposed to be spreading good vibes so, let's get on with today's blog. You know, ever since I got to know about Simone de Beauvoir, I have been donned in her philosophy. It's so pleasingly contrasting. Like, all our lives people keep talking about destiny and how almost nothing is in your control. And then, this woman comes in, in a time where women were not valued a lot, and makes us look at life from an entirely different angle. It's dazzling how some people think. When these people come around, we can feel a bit inferior. But, I like that. Knowing that there will always be someone better than you, helps keep our feet on the ground.

Talking about destiny, it is something that always seemed indifferent. Like why would someone be destined to fall in bad influence or be wealthy enough to shine gold only to fall apart? I like to think that what your life is, is depended on your actions and reactions. Or, as they say in Karma, what goes around, comes around. Karma is like a rubber band. It can only stretch so far until it comes back and smacks you in the face. However, I am not exactly fond of the idea that your life is based on the actions of your previous life. What you do now is what really matters. That's what I chose to believe in. Call it independent thinking. You can't change the past but, you can prepare for the future. You can't keep your head in the game while worrying about the future. Thus you have got no other option but, to live in present. So, if you are stuck in here for a while, why not live it to the fullest.

Remember, we are freaks, we are fragile and life is not a problem to be solved but, a reality to be experienced.

Goodbye and see you next Sunday.

Love Scarlett😊


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