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Success, curiosity and stuff like that

Out of a mountain of despair, be a stone of hope. ~Martin Luther King Jr.

Hey people. I hope you are doing all right. As you would have noticed, the website has a fresher look because I wasn't too satisfied with the last layout and I was way too bored with studying all day. My exams aren't over yet but, I had a very great idea and I found the opportunity too good to pass.

So, what exactly is success? I found myself asking this question while solving a sample paper which clearly had my zero attention. This is what happens during exams people. You face an existential crisis. Anywho, I have tried pondering this question several times but, I never got a clear answer.

Success is measured by not how much you received as a result but, by how far you've come. Your determination and courage to continue and your reaction to failure or setbacks show your capability to handle success. But what exactly defines success? To me, being successful always meant meeting a new day with the same curiosity with which I greeted my first day. Being curious for every single new opportunity and never letting that curiosity die.

I guess that is why I am better at subjects which are NOT taught in school. Because our current education system kills that curiosity which is so required for learning. To me, success has been something which never leaves me satisfied. As much as people say to be satisfied with what you have, I don't ever want to be satisfied. I want to have a thirst for more. More knowledge, more ideas, more smiles and of course surrounding myself with more success stories. Because, when I will finally be satisfied with something, I know I wouldn't want to better it. That is why I never want to be satisfied with my work. So, I can keep improving myself and working on myself because there is always the tiniest room for improvement.

And with that people, I would like to bid you goodbye. One tiny notice though, the blogs will still be a little inconsistent because 1, My exams are still going on and 2, I am working on two books. They are not about bettering yourself or something like that because I still believe I have the life skills of potato to write on such a vast topic.

Remember, we are freaks, we are fragile and life is not a problem to be solved but a reality to be experienced.


Love Swara 😊


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