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To the man, haveing everything, knows the value of nothing.

Good morning people. I hope you are having a nice week. And that you are also enjoying your weekend. Anyways, a few days back, I got to know something really strange and funny. Lemons are actually a hybrid of citron and sour oranges. This means life never threw lemons at us, we invented them ourselves. I honestly starting questioning my existence after reading this sentence. Before we move further, I would like to tell you that The Teenage Life is now on Instagram. My username is @scarlettolsen1507. You can follow for daily updates, aesthetics and quotes. If you are not on Instagram, you can scroll to the bottom of my website for media.

Moving on, do you know that the equality and democracy we have today, as it is, has its roots from around 300 B.C. It starts when Zemo Of Cyprus, once a wealthy merchant lost everything in a shipwreck around Athens. With nothing else to do, he wandered into a bookstore. Yes, not in a forest, in a bookstore, we homosapians, had books around that time as well. I guess we are not as dumb as we think. So, our buddy Zemo wandered into a bookstore and became intrigued by reading Socrates and proceeded to study with the city's noted philosophers. For those who didn't know this, Athens was one of the most important cities of ancient Greece. It was very developed and had women in charge of the household instead of men. Ancient Romans believed that women were better organizers and smarter than men when it came to budgets. Time to revive an old culture, don't you think. Back to the story, as Zemo began teaching his own students, he originated a philosophy known as Stoicism whose teachings of virtue, tolerance and self-control, have inspired generations of thinkers and leaders. Today, we colloquially use the word stoic to mean someone who stays calm under pressure. But the real meaning is dug a bit deeper than that. The Stoics believed that everything around us operates in accordance with a web of cause and effect. This is called LOGOS. While we may not always have control over the events affecting us, we can control our approach towards them. Instead of imagining an ideal society, the Stoic tries to deal with the world as it is while pursuing self-improvement through 4 cardinal virtues:

  • Practical wisdom

  • Temperance

  • Justice and

  • Courage

It is interesting to know that while Stoicism focuses on personal improvement, it is not a self-centred philosophy. At a time when Roman laws considered slaves as property, Seneca, a Stoic philosopher (dude was like Micheal Jackson of the Stoic community, in other words very famous) called for their humane treatment. One thing that I really liked about Stoic believes is that it doesn't accept passivity. The idea is that only people who have cultivated virtue and self-control in themselves can bring positive change in others (I know I don't have high moral standards or self-control but the thing's not about me guys). Another fun fact, the Stoic journals helped Nelson Mandela through his 27-year imprisonment.

To sum up Stoicism, besides self-control and high virtue, peace and reconciliation are salient keys for a growing society. Believing that injustices of the past can't be changed, people can confront them in present and seek to build a better, more just future.

Remember we are freaks, we are fragile and life is not a problem to be solved but, a reality to be experienced.

Goodbye and see you next Sunday

Love Scarlett😊


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