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Don't look where you fall, look where you slipped...

Hey people. I hope you are enjoying today. Today I am going to share some lessons with you. Now, I know that a nice majority of you will be thinking that what lessons would a mere 15-year-old lad who has the life experience of a potato teach us? But, believe me, I am going to make this read worth your while. Sometimes, kids have a better view of life than adults. Please note that these aren't my words. As a child, you tend to have more open and unbiased opinions on people, situations and of course, the world. And though, I am not exactly a child, I prefer to call myself so in the conditions that favour me.😊

The lessons that I am going to write in this blog are a joint coalition of my own observations and some greater people than me.

One thing that I keep noticing is that people don't realise this is the youngest they'll ever be. Next year you could be walking on three feet, lost half your teeth and have a bucket full of white hair but this is the youngest you'll ever be. this is where you make mistakes and learn. Or maybe just get others angry.

Regrets. They are something that most people live the world with. You want to leave the world with memories. Not a half unspoken wish sending your great-grandchildren on a wild goose chase.

You are the main character of your life. What you are going to do with it should be your preference. Not anyone else's. If you fail in whatever you want to do, it is easy to blame yourself. But, you won't be able to blame people who persuaded you to not try.

To get anywhere, you have to get away from your humble abode. You can't spend your whole life "playing it safe". Getting out, making tough calls and facing the consequences is what life is about. Now, as a person with the life skills of a carrot, the toughest choice I had to make in my life was choosing between a choco lava cake and an ice cream. But I am pretty sure there are more important things in life than choosing dessert.

You can do everything right in a situation and it still does not work out. That's just how life can be sometimes, and it's not a negative reflection on you. It just is what it is. You can still be alive with not-so-good marks (maybe your parents will kill you but, that is a different story) or a job interview that you didn't crack. Whatever happens, happens for the best. Or not.

Remember, we are freaks, we are fragile and life is not a problem to be solved but a reality to be experienced.

Goodbye and see you next Sunday.

Love Scarlett 😊


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